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A beautiful patio offers an outdoor space that is all your own. It’s where you and your family spend most of your time during the summer and host the most exciting get-togethers for friends and neighbors. If you haven’t yet thought of what type of patio to build, you’re in luck. There is still plenty of time to plan this perfect space.

Patios can be partially enclosed. They can be small or large and include a bar or outdoor fireplace. This gives you the opportunity to entertain as often as you’d like to because you have the right environment for a get-together.

Decorating your new space is half the fun. There are so many options for you to choose from. For example, do you want to include furniture on your patio? If you do, you’ll have a dedicated outdoor space set aside for visiting with family and friends.

When planning your outdoor space, think about what kind of patio will best suit you and those who enjoy spending time out doors. There are many options available from which to choose including pergolas or sunrooms as well!
A beautiful palace offers an area that’s all one’s own; it becomes the go-to spot during warm months for family gatherings with friends–and even if hosting isn’t in question (or budget), no matter how much summer beauty surrounds us year round – we still need somewhere cozy where our loved ones can feel at home

Patio, Porch, and Construction

The construction of a patio needs to be done professionally and it is important that you hire the right contractors for this job.
A lot goes into building your own personal backyard oasis, from picking out plants or furniture pieces all through installation–and if anyone does any part without knowing what they’re doing there can easily arise problems which could cause delays! The last thing anyone wants when spending their time working on something beautiful but also very practical at once too…

1) Front Porch or Portico

A front porch can offer a space of respite or gathering and will indeed add designer appeal to the front of your home. Embellished with rocking chairs, seasonal décor, and custom lighting, your new front porch can become the talk of the neighborhood. At the same time, a simpler front entrance portico design can put your home’s best face forward. Porticos can increase your home’s character and charm with architectural elements, such as stately columns, a custom ceiling shape and finish, and a custom roof design.

2 ) Pavilion or Covered Patio

A pavilion is a detached porch, which can also be called a covered patio. Pavilions are popular for expansive backyards or those with pools, where the roof shelter will facilitate comfort and protection beyond the confines of your home. Amenities you might find in a backyard pavilion are outdoor fireplaces, built-in outdoor kitchens, lighting and ceiling fans, or radiant heating, which make the space super-functional. A pavilion can become your backyard home (a few steps away) from home.

Patio and Porches

3) Open Porch or Covered Porch

The terms “open porch” and “covered porch” are interchangeable. This type of porch offers a roof for protection from rain and sun, with open sides for full breezes and a feeling of airiness. An open porch can be a front porch or back porch or can refer to a porch that is attached to your home, or one that is detached like a pavilion. Open porches also often feature electrical components, such as lighting and fans. Your open porch can offer many hours of enjoyment each year, with a multitude of personal uses and opportunities for entertaining.

Patio and Porches

4) Screened Porch

As the name denotes, a screened porch is a covered porch, which has screen-covered openings. Screened porches are very popular for their added protection from the elements, insects, and rodents. Screened porches are often used for outdoor living rooms and dining rooms. These also often include outdoor fireplaces, and all electrical accommodations for TVs, lighting, heating, and fans. Homeowners also often include an accompanying grill deck, which furthers the function of a screened porch for an outdoor dining venue. In our temperate climate, your screened porch might also be called a 3-season porch or 3-season room, especially if it includes a fireplace.

Porch and Sunroom

5) Multi-Season Porch or Sunroom

A multi-season porch, often referred to as a 3-season porch or 4-season porch, is also often called a sunroom. Though the term “sunroom” typically refers to an actual room addition, which includes framed walls, insulation, and some sort of HVAC accommodation to make it usable year-round. A muilti-season porch can also be used in all four seasons but includes the addition of vinyl windows to screened openings, rather than insulated walls. Adding VersaPorch windows, along with an outdoor fireplace can create a 3-season or 4-season porch, which is usable for at least some days in three or all four seasons. In warm months, these vinyl window systems can open up to about 75% of the screened opening to allow for maximum airflow. Your multi-season porch with VersaPorch windows can be especially useful in the springtime allergy season, keeping pollen at bay.