Expert Advice: Signs Your Roof Needs Repairing

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6 Signs you need a roof repair

We’ve all taken a step out a door, already in a rush to start the day, only to look down and see shingles on the path in front of us. Whether it’s the day after a storm or perfect weather, we should all be aware of the warning signs of roof damage. 

Water damage: I know, it sounds really bad. Water damage can cause rotting, which could make the roof more susceptible to leaks in the future. When dealing with water damage it is important to try and find the source of the leak. The water has already traveled through many layers of material to get into your home so urgency is key.

Storms: High winds (40-50 mph) can damage, remove, or tear shingles. This leaves the underlayment, roof deck, or waterproofing material exposed to the elements According to KSAT this January the wind speed was up to 40- 50 mph. It might be time to check your roof today!

Missing Roof Shingles: Back to our imaginary but all too real scenario of walking outside to find a shingle on your lawn. Missing roof shingles shouldn’t be a cause for concern immediately. It all depends on the amount missing, how old your roof is, and how much rain you get.

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Age of Roof: The age of your roof is one of the most critical facts when looking at roof damage. Experts suggest that roofs will last between 25-30 years. So, you should always try and find out the exact date when your current roof was installed before you purchase your home. But, if you don’t know this information, there are many other ways to figure it out. From asking the previous owners to check the building permit. But the easiest will be to ask a roofing professional (you might even be able to find the company that installed the roof previously) 

Clogged Gutters: This may not seem relevant to roofing, but clean and well-maintained gutters are vital to maintaining your roof’s health. When gutters become clogged with leaves and debris, the water doesn’t drain. The water then starts to pool and backs up onto the roof. This backup can cause the roof to become heavy with water and lead to roof leaks. To prevent clogged gutters you can: install gutter guards, clean your gutters regularly, and inspect them regularly.

Leaks: The topic of leaks is probably the most intimidating of this list. But fear not, there are many ways to handle leaks. For starters, look for things like musty odors, bulging drywall, missing shingles, and spots on exterior walls. Most leaks are a result of a pipe boot failure. This roof leak will show up near the pipe boot. While other leaks might be due to improperly driven nails. This roof leak will show up anywhere in your home.

Now, taking on this project might not seem crazy to any DIY homeowners out there, but many leaks can be worse than they seem from the surface. The longer you wait to fix the leak, the worse the problem can get. Leaks are the real deal people. To prevent more damage later, it’s best to call the pros. Professional roofers, like us at San Antonio Roofing Company, can repair the damaged area and assess other spots on your roof that may need repair or reconstruction.

Determining the cause of the damage is important to check if your insurance will cover it based on your policy guidelines. Otherwise, you can always talk to your roofing professional at SA Roofing Company about payment plans and financing.


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